Recovery Accomplishments Offer Hope

accomplishments in recoveryI had the pleasure of having a gentleman in a workshop that I was running that had one of the biggest turnarounds in anxiety recovery.  For the privacy of this gentleman, I will not give any specifics to his story, but rather just outline his suffering and touch upon his accomplishments in recovery.

This gentleman suffered from severe PTSD for over 40 years.  He was on medication, suffered from agoraphobia, and basically had lived in constant suffering for 40+ years.  His doctors basically gave up on him.  Medications did little to reduce his suffering.  He couldn’t travel.  His family didn’t know what else to do, and they certainly didn’t want to give up.

They found the treatment center where I was working.  And this gentleman joined a 9-week workshop that I was involved with.  Each week I was quite impressed with the effort and accomplishments in recovery this gentleman made.

Despite his doctors basically giving up on him, he was determined to create positive change in his situation.  He was tired of suffering and wanted peace in his life.  He worked tirelessly over the nine weeks that he was in the group.

At the end of that workshop, this gentleman was traveling by himself on public transportation to specific locations.  And he even booked airline tickets for his first air travel in over 40 years.  He was able to reduce or completely eliminate some of his medications.  And his life was completely turned around. The accomplishments in recovery that he made were tremendous.

This gentleman was a true inspiration for me.  To be able to witness his determination and the dedication to the program, and then see what he was able to create in terms of recovery was all very influential in my own life.

I do not know where he is today.  We lost touch after the workshop had ended.  But I am confident that he is a better place now, then before we met.

I share his story with you simply so you can get a sense of just how powerful this program can be.  The information I am sharing with you is the same information & approach that he used to create the change that he did.  Your accomplishments in recovery can be just as life-changing for you.

When we feel hopeless, we need to look at others that walked this path before us.  The way has been created by many before us.  We need to have some blind faith in the process, do not believe the fear inside of us, and continue to work towards our ultimate goal; to live an unrestricted life.

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