Agoraphobia – what is it?

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    The definition of agoraphobia used to be “fearful of open spaces” – then it was changed to “being far from home”.  Currently the definition is “being outside of our comfort zone”.  And this is certainly much more accurate to me.

    Agoraphobia is very specific to each person.  Each of us has our own “comfort zone”.  Some people can travel quite a distance from home and still feel “comfortable” – as long as the travel fits into their definition of “safe zone”.  Yet other people cannot leave the house – and are housebound agoraphobics.

    One is not better or worse.  One is not easier than the other.  Regardless of the “zone” we create – the suffering is still all the same.  The same roots.  The same approach to recovery.

    Regardless where you are today – engage the process of recovery and create positive change!

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