PTSD and flashbacks

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    When a person is going through PTSD, and it is triggered, you have no control over what stimulated you to be triggered into the fight or flight response.  It could be a loud sound, a smell, someone making a comment to you, or a visual stimulation that takes you back into a past terrifying experience.  One of the tools to try to recover is to breath slowly, and try to focus your eyes and our mind on something you can touch in front of you.  This takes time, and for some, it may feel next to impossible.  But talking through what you see, what you are feeling, and the fear that was triggered in your body’s response, will help you to rationalize and bring down the adrenaline that you are experiencing at that moment.  This takes a lot of work, and especially since this trigger will happen in an non-controlled environment on a frequent basis.  My suggestion is to actually seek a professional help that can walk you through the triggers, the past terrifying experience, so that you can identify how your body and mind will try to to react when you are out in a public environment.  I can tell you from my experience, it can and will get better.  I can also tell you from my experience that once the PTSD starts reacting in your body, there is no control at first.  You have to talk through it, and walk yourself back into the moment each time.  This takes time, practice, and patience, and with all the emotions coming out at one time including anger you will find it will be an emotional struggle at first.  But it can get better.  Reach out to me if you have questions.  I am on the other side of recovered from PTSD, TBI, Anxiety and Depression.  Caroline
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    Wonderful Caroline!  You are a wonderful asset for people going through this process and learning how to recover.  Your experience & knowledge will help many!  Thank you for being here!
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