March 24, 2019

Podcast 1 – Why We Started

Welcome to the first episode of the Anxiety Path video blog.

Recently I launched my new website – I couldn’t be more excited to finally get this up and running.  Its been a dream of mine for years to offer a fully complete program to help people find support and guidance for their anxiety and phobias.

But I went a step further.  Not only did I create a video series explaining my program step by step.  And I also started a podcast – and now here a video blog to go along with my written blog posts.  But what I did, I decided to offer all of my information for free.

That’s right – free – my video series, podcasts, blogs – Im even launching a fully functioning phone app all included – all for free. 

People asked me why I would do such a thing – and for me it was a really simple decision.  I simply want my program to be fully accessible to everyone – I do not want anyone to have any obstacle in being able to reach help for their anxiety and phobias. 

Growing up with anxiety disorders myself and experiencing some really dark times – I know all too well what it is like to feel misunderstood, alone and isolated. 

I never want someone else to feel like that.  Now with my program being fully accessible, no one will ever have to again. 

This website and offering my program like this – has been a dream of mine for many years. 

I originally started working the recovery program myself over 25 years ago.  From the moment I officially joined my first workshop and met my own counselor, I knew that I was in a special place.  For the first time in my life I finally felt a connection with someone who actually understood my suffering.  This was a very moving experience for me. 

Once I recovered, I went on to become a certified counselor myself.  I did so just because I wanted to give back to others.  I felt very grateful for the recovery process as a whole; my counselor, the lessons she taught – everything about it was life changing for me in so many ways.  I thought to myself how could I selfishly keep this without sharing it with others.  This recovery program had to continue to be shared and be passed along to others. 

After completing the certification process, I was hired by the treatment center to run ongoing workshops and a weekly support group specifically for anxiety and phobias. 

It was during this time that I actually fine tuned my own recovery.  You see working with others allowed me an opportunity to look at the recovery process from all angles.  And to see how the different pieces of the recovery process actually worked together.  This was very beneficial for my own recovery and it helped tremendously in making me successful in helping others.

During my time at the treatment center I also became aware of potential clients contacting the office and inquiring about getting help for themselves.  For people that lived close by it was no problem – they found out the schedule and started when it was convenient for them.

However, for people who did not live close to the treatment center it was a different story.  These people had no access to the program.  The treatment center was only set up for in person type programs – there was nothing available online for distance clients. 

This really upset me.  Knowing that there were people that were suffering with anxiety and phobias that did not have the ability to get to a real recovery program broke my heart. 

Actually seeing how others were without options really made me appreciate my own circumstances.  I know that it was just by pure luck that I was close enough to the treatment center that I was able to get the help I needed myself.  If I lived any further away I never would have been able to experience recovery as I had myself. 

Knowing that information became my driving motivation to create an online program so that anyone can benefit from it anywhere in the country – even the world for that matter.  There are no boundaries.

And offering it all for free also helps remove any hesitation or obstacles from people trying it.  I know this program works – if people really try it, follow the program and put in the effort – they will recover! 

So Im really excited that we are up and running.  And I am really excited about what the future holds. 

I will continue to do all I can to help others find relief from their suffering with anxiety and phobias.

Stay tuned for future episodes of the video blog.  You can also visit my website for all the free information, join the community forums and stay connected.  A lot will be happening – you don’t want to miss it!

Always remember the Anxiety Path motto – “when you become fearless, life becomes limitless” – thank you!



Great podcast!!! I love that you did this as so many people are suffering alone out there

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