March 24, 2019

Podcast 2 – Don’t Feel Alone

It is estimated that over 40 million people in the United States of America alone suffer from some type of anxiety issue including panic attacks and phobias.  40 million people. 

Worldwide that estimate climbs well above 100 million people.  Can you imagine?

Whats interesting is that when I was suffering myself, I thought I was the only one.  I had no idea how widespread or common anxiety disorders were. 

And that’s what anxiety does to us – it makes us feel isolated.  We feel alone.

I think this is mostly because we are dealing with our emotions.  And emotions are a very unique and intimate experience. 

Until I started counseling, I never really gave it any thought – but it was pointed out to me that its impossible to explain an emotion to another person.  We can try – we can use descriptions that kinda explain what we feel – but the truth is that the person we are trying to explain to what we feel only has their own experiences to compare it to. 

So for instance – if you explain to someone how happy you were for some reason – they only have their own personal experiences with happiness to use as an example of what you are trying to describe explaining your own feelings.

Same thing when it comes to anxiety.

When it comes to trying to explain how our anxiety makes us feel to someone else, unless they themselves suffer from anxiety they could never fully understand how you feel.  They would need to have experienced anxiety or panic themselves to have something to compare your description to. 

For most of us dealing with anxiety, panic or phobias – most of the time it is rare for us to have someone that we can explain how we feel, and actually have them understand.  This is what leads us to feeling misunderstood, and ultimately isolated.

Ive often shared a story about when I was seeing a psychiatrist for my own panic disorder – and he did not understand my anxiety at all.  This was actually one of the absolute lowest points in my entire life – there I was depending on this doctor to cure me from my suffering from panic disorder – and he literally had no clue or understanding of what I was dealing with.  Actually sitting in his office – with a confused look on his face and him asking me condescending questions – I do not remember a time that I ever felt so alone – so lost – and so hopeless.  That was the day that I stopped seeing him – feeling like I would never find any help to stop my suffering.

Eventually I realized that I couldn’t live my life as a housebound agoraphobic forever – and I started to fight for my life.  It took me years to finally find a recovery program that actually worked – but once I found it – my life took on new meaning.

My experience with that doctor was actually part of the reason why I became a counselor myself.  Knowing how difficult it was for me to find someone that was understanding to my suffering – I wanted to make myself available to help others find the support and guidance they needed to create recovery.  That was the beginning of my journey as a counselor and what ultimately led to me here today doing a podcast. 

Just a few years ago I never thought this would be a reality.  And here I am today – what a journey it has been.

Let me tell you how this all came about – you see I was working at the treatment center running a weekly support group specifically for anxiety and phobia disorders – and seeing the clients come in week to week and watching them create recovery for themselves – was a very gratifying experience for me. 

So I wanted to capture what I was doing in that support group and bring it to the internet – I wanted to make a real, comprehensive recovery program accessible to everyone.  I wanted to share what I had learned with everyone – despite where they lived or any other obstacle they may have in preventing them from getting the help they needed.

And through the internet I am able to successfully offer my program to people regardless where they live. 

And with this podcast – I will offer guidance and support to help people navigate the recovery process for themselves. 

Not only will I tell stories of my own experiences with suffering and recovery itself – but I will answer specific questions that I receive from people that have reached out to me. 

This will be a way for me to be able to share what I know – and be connected with you personally.

Anxiety disorders can be a very difficult thing to deal with – I want to help you to create recovery and start living a life that is unrestricted. 

To go from fear – to fearless!

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