Lifestyle Changes / Self-Care

There is no lack of information pertaining to the benefits of various lifestyle changes.  Keep in mind that the information presented here is only meant to be a starting point to help you begin thinking of lifestyle changes, and that when considering different options for implementing such changes , your should consult your doctor or healthcare provider.

The Anxiety Path makes no claims of being licensed or certified in the following fields of discussion.  However, through the correct direction from an expert in the respective fields, we have seen people benefit greatly from focusing on the following topics;


There are a couple of different ways that diet and nutrition can affect a person’s anxiety level. In a very simple and obvious way, when a person is hungry their anxiety levels will rise.

Proper Hydration

One of the most common areas that people neglect is the simple need to drink water. Stay properly hydrated.


The benefits of exercise on mental health have been well documented and proven over the years in many studies.


Another natural trigger for increased levels of anxiety is being tired. There is a very noticeable and direct correlation to experiencing higher levels of anxiety while being excessively tired.

Mindfulness Training is all about learning to live in the moment, and paying attention to our inner voice. 


Meditation is a very powerful training technique to learn how to remain connected to the present moment.  Meditation has often been misrepresented or explained incorrectly over the years.  Meditation is simply an exercise for the brain to practice “letting go” of a thought.  We cannot stop a thought from coming, but when it does come, how we respond to it will determine its effect on us.

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