Exercise Is A Proven Method

The benefits of exercise on mental health have been well documented and proven over the years in many studies.  Exercise can release certain hormones and help our bodies function more efficiently, contributing to stabilize and normalize our mental and emotional health.

Often there is a misconception surrounding exercise regarding the amount that needs to be done in order to benefit from doing it.  The truth is, in pertaining to the benefit for anxiety disorder recovery, all that is required is simply to do more than you are currently doing.  No one is required to begin an overwhelming exercise regimen, but rather to just simply do more than they are currently doing.  Small, manageable steps.  The idea is to not hurt yourself, begin with what is right for you (as designated by your doctor or healthcare professional) and just begin to engage exercise as a means of bettering your overall health – physical, mental and emotional. 

For many people, this may be as simple as going for a walk.  Or utilizing equipment in the house.  The idea is just to start moving your body. 

Again, being mindful of executing a practice to help better yourself will have a tremendous impact on your anxiety disorder recovery.  Being proactive in caring for yourself physically will translate to being better able to help you mentally and emotionally.

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