Another natural trigger for increased levels of anxiety is being tired.  There is a very noticeable and direct correlation to experiencing higher levels of anxiety while being excessively tired.

Studies have shown that many people do not get enough sleep each night. We feel it is a product of overly stressed lives, and the need to find a balance; people justify shortening their sleeping hours to try to stretch their day. People go to bed too late, and wake up too early. For the person who does not suffer from anxiety disorders, they can get away with this behavior relatively unscathed (for the short term). However, for people who suffer with anxiety disorders, this behavior can result in increased levels of anxiety.

Many people complain about suffering from insomnia. They may really be suffering from insomnia, or it could be that they are experiencing overactive minds, obsessive thoughts caused by anxiety which is preventing them from getting quality sleep. There are certainly many factors that go into explaining why a person does not get the minimally required sleep they need.

My suggestion is to start at the basics. There are specific recommendations for people to follow that help promote a good night’s sleep. These recommendations can easily be found on the internet, and if you have difficulty in getting the proper sleep, we recommend you address the situation.

Quality sleep will have a direct positive effect on your anxiety disorder recovery. And being mindful enough to implement the necessary changes will help teach you to care for yourself.

When it comes to lifestyle changes; these things will not create recovery on their own. However, putting in the effort to care for yourself is very empowering. It teaches you that you value yourself, and that you deserve to be cared for. It’s a subconscious mindset that may have a profound impact on recovery as a whole.

In addition, anxiety tries to keep you helpless & hopeless, this applies to all aspects of your life. By learning to care for yourself physically, you are learning that you are not helpless & hopeless and that you can care for yourself. This will ultimately teach you not to believe what anxiety is trying to make you feel.

Many times in life we kind of drift through the day without much say; without reminding ourselves that we are important. Our days are typically dictated by our schedules, our responsibilities and by other people or situations. When we go through the day like this, it teaches us that everything else is more important than our own sense of self. We lose importance in our own life.

By engaging in lifestyle changes and the recovery program as a whole, what we are doing is carving out a little bit of time each day to take a stand for ourselves. To say that we are important! And regardless what is happening in the world, we are going to take some time and effort and put it on ourselves. This is extremely empowering and will have a tremendous impact on our recovery efforts.

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