Michael heard me out on my concerns and problems. He know so much about a wide variety of topics. He suggested I improved my diet and start taking care of myself. Listen to my body. I struggle sleeping, my mind doesn’t stop. He suggested meditation but I have always been averse to silence. I’ve always filled my waking life with noise to avoid silence when my mind has gone wild. He suggested meditation instead. He gave me some basic lessons and recommended a website. I have tried it and I hate to say it-but he was right. Meditation helped. So much so that now I’m recommending it to others and now as I find myself using Michael’s words to describe how helpful meditation can be. His website has also offered me lots of assistance and support. Now I’m standing on my own two feet but his words of wisdom and encouragement reverberate in my head even when I’m having a bad day.

Anna M

Frequently Asked Questions

No – we do not accept any insurance, nor does insurance cover any of the services we offer.

Yes – you can cancel your subscription at any time with no hassle.

Our counselors are experts  with first-hand experience in their fields. Our counselors also work with individuals on a one on one basis.

No – counselors are independent and arrangements for counseling fees must be discussed directly between the counselor and client.

If you see a counselor you would like to work with, you may contact them directly! Get in touch through email, live conferencing, phone calls, etc. to make arrangements for sessions.

You can always use the Community Forum to ask questions, and one of the counselors or Michael Valentine himself will answer your question.

Yes – our site is private and your identity is never exposed to other members.

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What People Say

"After years in talk therapy I never recovered. In just a few weeks with Michael I understand anxiety and am on my way to recovery"
- Adam T
"No one ever understood me; until I met Michael Valentine. He understands me and has helped me a lot!"
- Mike S
"I have spoken to many doctors and therapists and no one has ever explained anxiety to me like this ever. Insightful, easy to understand – makes complete sense – and now I'm recovered."
- Janny A
"I was a housebound agoraphobic but couldn’t get any help. Anxiety Path saved my life."
- Juli M
"People don’t understand how difficult it is to have anxiety. Michael knows! No one has ever understood me like this before."
- David J
“My anxiety was ruining my life. What I've learned on AnxietyPath.com has helped me gain control of my life again.”
- Bryan S
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