Bridge Phobia: Where I Began My Recovery

When I first started my own recovery, on occasion I would drive to a location that I could see a bridge and watch the cars drive over the bridge.  I was a bridge phobic, and unable to drive by myself. I would just sit there and watch the cars drive over the bridge for maybe…

Worry When You Get There

We typically worry about the future unnecessarily. Waiting until we are in the actual real life situation before judging a situation will help reduce fear.

Panic Disorder Led To My Agoraphobia

When we become highly sensitized to our specific triggers, our physical response may become unpredictable. This may lead to panic disorder.

New Logo: The Start Of Something New

My dream has been to offer the same program that I have used to create recovery online for others to use. And it all starts with a new logo.

Surrender To The Situation

Surrender To The Situation

All anxiety is based on the idea that we can control a something. Learning to surrender to the moment offers great benefits.

6 E’s To Recovery From Anxiety Disorders

There is a systematic approach to creating recovery from anxiety disorders. The 6 E’s create the roadmap to help us on the road to recovery.

Negative Media Affects Anxiety

Learning to limit the exposure to negative media can have a positive affect on our efforts to create recovery from anxiety disorders.

Action Is Required For Anxiety Recovery

Recovery has little to do with how we feel. But rather has everything to do with our efforts. Action is required to create recovery.

We Are More Than Our Anxiety

When suffering from anxiety disorders we lose sight of who we are as a whole. Always remember there is much more to us than just anxiety.

See Yourself As Others See You

Anxiety leaves us full of self-doubt. Others see us for who we are, and not how we feel. Learn to see yourself as others see you.

Challenge Yourself To Make Change

Learning how emotions control our life can be very helpful in the recovery process. Use a challenge as a tool for understanding.

OCD: A Clients Journey To Recovery

OCD is a common manifestation of an anxiety disorder. The approach to recovery is the same as any other type of anxiety disorder.

Self-Care Offers Many Benefits For Recovery

Self-care is extremely beneficial in treating anxiety for a couple of reasons. Learn the two top reasons why. Start today!

Change is created by our thoughts, words and actions

Our behavior is often dictated by our emotions. Change is created by deliberately changing our behavior and creating a new conditioning.

A Better Understanding Of Phobias

Phobias can manifest in many different ways. Regardless of the type of phobia, the approach to recovery is all the same. Learn more!

How AADD-ADHD May Relate To Anxiety Disorders

Often people who suffer from anxiety disorders display behavior similar to AADD-ADHD. Overall behavior changes occur during recovery.

My Experiences With Prescription Medication For Anxiety Treatment

I was asked to share my personal experience with prescription medication. This my story, and my current views on using them for recovery.

“Can I Recover?” – A Common Question Asked By Anxiety Sufferers

People often doubt whether or not they can recover. Its common for people to ask “Can I recover?” Recovery is accessible to all.

How Self-Medication Affects Anxiety Recovery

Often we try to avoid the suffering of anxiety disorders by self-medication. Self-medication does not work and causes greater suffering.

How I Recovered From Night Terrors

Panic attacks can occur both during the day and night. When panic occurs at night we refer to them as night terrors. This is my experience with them.

Counselors Teaching Of Acceptance

Often our behavior is dictated by our anxiety-driven emotions. Learn how my counselor’s teaching of acceptance helped me in recovery.

Lynette’s Inspiring Journey Of Anxiety Recovery Through Faith

Lynette’s story is one of hope and inspiration. Lynette describes how her agoraphobia began, and how she found faith to begin recovery.

Do Emotional Responses Influence Your Life?

Emotional responses can affect many areas of our life. Sometimes the most basic task is rooted in control, without us even realizing it.

Are Anxiety Disorders A Message From The Universe?

Anxiety disorders make us question our own existence. And we often look for hidden meanings within our suffering.