I have a driving phobia!

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    I have a hard time doing long-distance driving because I never know what to expect! I get very anxious even before taking a trip because of multiple things! traffic, bridges, tunnels, and more. Ever since I had my first driving panic attack I’m always have anticipatory anxiety about going anywhere out of my comfort zone. What would be the best driving fear situation to start working on after finishing this program?
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    When approaching any phobia it is always best to keep in mind “small, manageable steps”.

    Using the videos in my Recovery Program, you will see that one video is about “Expose”. The way to create recovery from a driving phobia (or any phobia for that matter) is to enter into your specific situation with small, manageable steps – to expose yourself to higher levels of anxiety. While experiencing these slightly higher than normal levels of anxiety, learn to use the tools – manage your thoughts – and start to create a new behavioral response to the situation. This is the act of creating recovery!

    What I always suggest is finding a starting point that you can comfortable begin working the process. No matter how severe or sensitized a person is to a specific situation – there is always a starting point. Its just finding where that is for you personally – and working from that point.

    Let me know if I can be of any further help. Thank you!

    Michael Valentine

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