Social Anxiety

We Are More Than Our Anxiety

When suffering from anxiety disorders we lose sight of who we are as a whole. Always remember there is much more to us than just anxiety.

See Yourself As Others See You

Anxiety leaves us full of self-doubt. Others see us for who we are, and not how we feel. Learn to see yourself as others see you.

Change is created by our thoughts, words and actions

Our behavior is often dictated by our emotions. Change is created by deliberately changing our behavior and creating a new conditioning.

How Self-Medication Affects Anxiety Recovery

Often we try to avoid the suffering of anxiety disorders by self-medication. Self-medication does not work and causes greater suffering.

Understanding What Happens When You Have Panic Attacks

Why do we have a panic attack? Learn how a panic attack develops and why it is so powerful.

Social Anxiety Presents Itself In Many Different Ways

Social anxiety is believed to be the most common form of anxiety disorders. Social anxiety can manifest in a wide variety of symptoms.

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