Bridge Phobia: Where I Began My Recovery

When I first started my own recovery, on occasion I would drive to a location that I could see a bridge and watch the cars drive over the bridge.  I was a bridge phobic, and unable to drive by myself. I would just sit there and watch the cars drive over the bridge for maybe…

Panic Disorder Led To My Agoraphobia

When we become highly sensitized to our specific triggers, our physical response may become unpredictable. This may lead to panic disorder.

A Better Understanding Of Phobias

Phobias can manifest in many different ways. Regardless of the type of phobia, the approach to recovery is all the same. Learn more!

Lynette’s Inspiring Journey Of Anxiety Recovery Through Faith

Lynette’s story is one of hope and inspiration. Lynette describes how her agoraphobia began, and how she found faith to begin recovery.

Agoraphobia Can Manifest Itself In Different Ways

Agoraphobia can affect each individual in a unique way. As debilitating as agoraphobia is, recovery is possible with effort, persistence, and patience.