New Logo: The Start Of Something New

new logoI began the certification program to become a counselor over 10 years ago.  Since then I have had a desire to bring what I did in my support group to the internet.  After all these years later I am finally working towards a new venture to share my story, my experiences and more importantly the program that I used to create recovery myself, in a more user-friendly format.  And it all starts with a new logo.

I remember the day that I decided that I couldn’t live like I was anymore.  The suffering with anxiety was just too much, and I couldn’t do it anymore.  It was a Sunday night and I was returning from a long weekend getaway.  I drove about 5 hours with higher levels of anxiety, all because I was anticipating the bridge I needed to cross closer to home.

The ride home that afternoon could best be described as “pure hell”.  I suffered that entire ride home.

So my “what if” thought was: what if there was a lot of traffic and I got stuck on the bridge?  That was my standard “what if” question whenever I had to cross a bridge.  Crazy thing was that afternoon there was no traffic at all on the bridge, and I actually crossed the bridge with very low levels of anxiety.

That is when I knew I really needed help.  I was so anxious for five hours before the bridge, but then when I was actually on the bridge I had very little anxiety.  This confused me greatly and I knew that night that I needed to find help to figure this out.

Finding A Treatment Center

The next morning I opened up the yellow pages in the phone book.  This was about 24 years ago this past summer, and obviously before “online” really existed.

But when I opened the phone book I found an advertisement for a specific anxiety & phobia treatment center.  Within a few days, I was enrolled and on my way to recovery.

But the thing about that is that the treatment center was located fairly close to my hometown, and I was able to get there easy enough, but I always questioned what would I have done if it wasn’t accessible to me?

You see I tried all the standard approaches to anxiety; doctors, therapists, medication – I tried anything & everything I could find.  Nothing worked.

So being so fortunate to have this treatment center that did work for me so close to home, was really a blessing in many ways.  And that leads me to think what do other people do who do not have the resources closer to them?

So I have had a burning desire for years to offer this program on the internet so that others can benefit from it as well.

New Program Format

I started with the blog, and due to the success I have had in the past year, and encouragement I have received from so many, I am moving into the next step of offering the program in a different format.

I will be keeping the blog as is, available to all.  But in addition, I will have a more organized media package and phone app that will be available as well.

As with everything, things need to be approached in “small, manageable steps”.  Therefore, for this new chapter in my life, it starts with a new logo.  Which I am sharing with you now.

This new logo is actually the very beginning of a dream of mine.  And I am quite excited to think about what the future holds.

If I continue to experience success in the upcoming year, I will roll out more ideas and provide support to create recovery from anxiety disorders.  With the technology that is available today, I hope to offer support and guidance for recovery like never presented anywhere before.

And it all starts with a new logo.  That is why I am so excited to be sharing this new logo with you as I am now.

Please continue to read the blog.  Work at creating change in your life.  Practice the tools.  Engage in self-care.  And never stop “trying”.

Never give up!  Persistence!

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